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"Bengal cats reflect exactly who I am as a person. That is why we get along so well, I understand them and they me. This is also why my husband puts up with them." - Owner

     Canadian Bengal cat breeder in Southern Ontario. We hope to expand our program in the coming years to other exotic cat lines. For now, we are just happily enjoying the warmth and love that our Bengals bring us every day. 

   Our program is based on selecting the highest quality Bengal cat lines available to bring YOU a superior pet. All of our lines have been hand picked based on the felines ancestry. Picking only Champion winning lines. These magnificent beasts not only have an amazing pedigree, they have been chosen for their superior health and temperament. This is KEY is producing top quality pets and breeders. Our Bengals have it all - fame, health and unmatched beauty.

© 2014 contessabengals.com © 2014 LeVie Photography by Yana LeVie

© 2014 contessabengals.com © 2014 LeVie Photography by Yana LeVie

I just wanted to let you know she’s doing great! She’s so spunky and sassy, she’s always making me laugh.
— Testimonial by Meghan T.

     Our cats and kittens are raised in-house, under-foot. We take great pride in raising our kittens with lots of love and attention. They also get top-of-the-line foods / supplements to support a healthy immune system. If not supported early in the developing stage, it can become a nightmare for the new Bengal cat owner.

     All of our adults have been tested negative for FeLV, FIV, FIP, PRA, Pk-Def and Tri-Trick . We will soon be adding HCM to our extensive list of mandatory health guidelines. Our adults are always tested before being released into the home with everyone else. These health guidelines help protect us, our cats and you!

     We take great pride in our breeding practices & DO NOT support back-door breeders. Please take the time and do you're homework before purchasing. Help to make stray animals a thing of the past.

Prionailurus Bengalensis - The Bengal Cat is a hybrid of domestic cat and Asian Leopard Cat (ALC). 

Are we ready to handle a Bengal cat? Can we afford a Bengal cat? These questions and more answered here at Contessa Bengals!

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